Colour Symphony

“Colour Symphony” (Kleursimfonie) was created by Michèle Nigrini in 1992/1993, as part of her Master’s degree in Fine Art (MFA). It takes a Modernist approach to observing and exploring the 7 basic colour theories as described by Johannes Itten in his book “The art of Color” and was inspired by her studio garden in Pretoria where she lived and worked until 1999. The installation was part of her first solo exhibition at the Bellville art gallery and acquired by the Rupert Foundation in 1993

Michèle presents multiple interpretations of colour for viewers to interact with and interpret in their own right, leaving those who do engage with this work with a newly found appreciation for a concept as simple as colour.

As a tribute to the impact of this work, The Rupert Museum has invited artists across South Africa to submit works in response to Nigrini’s “Colour Symphony”. The selected artists will be showcased in a group exhibition at the Jan Rupert Art Centre in 2021.

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